A Blow-by-Blow Account of Stonecarving in Oxford



This publication was produced to accompany Sean Lynch’s exhibitions at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane in 2013, and Modern Art Oxford in 2014.

A Blow-by-Blow Account of Stonecarving in Oxford explores the oeuvre of nineteenth century stonecarvers John and James O’Shea, who carved monkeys, cats, owls, and parrots on buildings in Oxford and Dublin.

This 60-page photonovel tells a story about the O’Sheas and their many encounters on their travels, and associates the O’Shea’s work as being alive with diverse allegorical and associative meanings.

Sean Lynch’s research notes and documents are published, alongside contributions by Stephen Burke (stonecarver, Dublin), Michael Dempsey & Logan Sisley (Dublin City Gallery the Hugh Lane), Ben Roberts (Modern Art Oxford), Simon Woodley (Favorite Chicken & Ribs, Essex) and Freek Wambacq (artist, Amsterdam).

Accompanying installation images record the placement of sculptures, photographs, archival material and projections in museums in Dublin and Oxford.

266 x 189mm
144 pages, 56 colour and 69 b/w illustrations.
Designed by: Wayne Daly
Published by: Modern Art Oxford & Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane

Delivery and payment will be coordinated by EVA International on behalf of Ireland at Venice 2015.


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